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Love and Cats

Posted on: February 26, 2010

It’s no secret that I don’t like cats, and yet whenever I’m in the vicinity of one, it immediately crawls up to me and settles onto my lap. No matter how many times I try to push it off, it comes back. In Virginia, a litter of cats settled into my garden and refused to leave. But lately, Yasmine the cat has made me realize how honest the bunch is. They love to be touched. Only when they feel like it, of course, which can irritate anyone who feels a need to control others.

When Yasmine is hungry, she lets me know it, though she isn’t mine. She recognizes my car but doesn’t jump on me, just waits pointedly by her bowl. Then, when she has eaten to her fill and she would like to be stroked, she climbs into my lap and rubs herself against me. No games. Just purring and rubbing. She just isn’t a slave to anyone. I watch her and suddenly I get it; she’s just like me!

Like cats, all humans have a need to cuddle next to another human being. It simply feels good. So I’m learning to show compassion. When Yasmine’s owner is on a trip and she rubs herself against me, I let her settle on my lap. I stroke her and she purrs. I’m learning that cats are intelligent and choosy and sensual.

And that’s all right by me.


9 Responses to "Love and Cats"

I believe you are right, they are intelligent and they know what they want and when they want it. That's why I love them. Too bad I'm allergic.ann

Oh, I'm so sorry you're allergic.yes, we have much to learn from cats.

Cats are beautiful! Just like people. A adore them. :)Hope you're well, Bisi!!Corra xfrom the desk of a writer (I have a different blog – I moved to WordPress.)

I have to remember to do this properly. I always forget to hit ‘reply’, so the person commenting never knows I responded, sigh!

Hi Corra, I have to admit that I've come to love those cats, grudgingly! Yesterday, she slept on my bed. Oh, you've moved, I see. Okay. I'll check you out!Bisi

hi bisi!! i didn't used to "get" cats either. now i have two. one is a golem from toy r us, the other a pointy-faced imp from the seventh ring of hell. my german shepherd refers to them as "the stupid little dogs that don't know how to play." adding you to my blog roll. by the way – i can certainly eat and love, but damn it – i simply cannot dance, much as i've tried.

\Hahahahha! Hi Suki! That's funny that your german shepherd can't understand those 'stupid' little dogs. I'm in Ghana and this is my first chance at the net. It's kind of hard because the system is so slow in many cafes. This one is great though. Catch you later.Bisi

So it’s not so!!! You are turning into a cat person!! They are evil I tell you. LOL It’s all a trick. They just want food and massages. Sounds like a bad date. LMAO

I know, I hate it, but I think I’m turning into a cat person. When I starte engaging them in conversation, lock me up, please!

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