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Experiencing “The Notebook”

Posted on: April 19, 2010






Okay, so it wasn’t a romantic trip, but it was lovely doing the Notebook thing with Tolu and his friends on his birthday. We cannoed on the river and then had a very yummy dinner.   

Bright and the lovely Sonya who has all the boys a-flutter 🙂

Tolu and Dennis




We glided to this tiny island that was full of birds,–those are the white flecks in the trees. Unfortunately, unlike the swans Noah found in The Notebook, the birds never let me get close enough to take great shots. Still, it was a beautiful sight, all those spotless white birds flying over the water and around us.



Interesting wall motif at the Golden Tulip

More of the Golden Tulip. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a swim now!!

                                             At night time, there’s nothing like dancing by the pool, under the moonlight while a live band plays. Of course I did that with my sister and a bunch of kids, but still, it was wonderful.


7 Responses to "Experiencing “The Notebook”"

Now I’m green eyed. 😦

I keep forgetting to click ‘reply’! Like I said, I’m preparing something special for your next trip to Ghana :).

Awww, don’t be, darling! I’m planning something special for you. You’ll see when you come to Ghana!

Beautiful pictures, Bisi!

That scenery is absolutely beautiful! I so wish I was there! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time.


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