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All In A Day’s Writing

Posted on: June 21, 2010


I’ve taken the day off to write. Nothing will distract me.  At 9 a.m. I’ve already won two sets of tennis,  (payback for that Indian hunk who beats me day after day. I must remember to thank his wife for giving him an eventful night). I’ve showered because I’m always more awake after a nice shower, plus I don’t like to smell me. Now I’m at the computer, ready for the creative words to flow out of my finger tips onto the screen.


I’ll not check my email.

But how will I know if my agent has written?

 Do not check your email.

Okay, I’ll look at the time. See, only 9:03. I’ll open my account and if there’s no message from the agent, I swear I’ll look at nothing else and go back to writing that hot novel.

I open the email. No message. Ok. But how come I have a ton of mail in my spam folder? What if an important note slipped in there by mistake?  A quick glance at the clock. Only 9:06. Not bad. Another couple of minutes won’t hurt.

Oh, one new mail! Publishers lunch weekly. Sigh. I really must remember to cancel my membership. Besides saving $20 (that 19.95 thing is so sneaky), I don’t need to read about the latest deal my wonderful agent brokered.  I love him. I’m happy for him. Of course.  But mine is still on the coals. And reading about deals in general only prompts me to spend quality time in the bathroom (expression borrowed shamelessly from Jeni Decker).

Back to writing. Shoot, it’s 9:30! Never mind. I’ll write. Oh, TNBW! My online writers’ site. Can’t exactly write till I check in, can I? I open to the forum because, for the time being, I’m no longer posting my work. ( I’ve no idea what to do with 700 credits and Sol, owner of the site, won’t let me gift them.) It’s always fun to read about the good happenings and the quarrels I’m not involved in. Ah, the front page issues have been resolved. More slots for novels, but what have we here? Multi-posting of chapters. Uh oh, someone must be mad, though people really should know better than grumble. It will never cease.

Time check: 9:35. I only spent five minutes on TNBW. Surely, that warrants a little time on Facebook. Maybe my son is on and we can argue about the World Cup and the Lakers. No, no! I won’t chat. Must not even look at the chat list. Okay just a look. Phew, he’s not on.

I scroll down the home news and yawn. The usual twaddle. And there’s my daughter. One never knows when she’s going to post a quotation from the Koran or the Torah. I fear that one of these days someone from any of the book religions will stone her.  Karla B is moaning about editing. She’s human after all. My goodness, I’ve never known anyone  churn out words the way she does.  Of course, there’s Corra who writes book-length thesis on her blogs.  I confess to being charmed. Oh, she’s got something about blogging only if one wants to. I’ve GOT to check it out.  Darn, it’s good, but she doesn’t allow comments. Grr. Which reminds me, I’ve got to check out my blog. It’s 10:15!! How did that happen?

I MUST  settle down and write.

I write. Words are flowing faster than I can type ….

“Hey, Miss Bisi, Are we doing literature today?” There are times when it’s possible to hate your student. It’s Josh, a homeschooled student. I’d love to shout No! But we’re studying Angtigone and I love her.

We work till 11:30. A lost friend calls and we squeal and yaddle and promise to do lunch. It’s noon and I’m hungry. Surely I can’t write on an empty stomach? I couldn’t concentrate.

I roast a plantain and accompany it with peanuts. Time is flying but roasted plantain must be savored. I settle in the swing on the sunny deck and chew. The dog appears and I tell it to scram. I’m not sharing. I must  sit and write after lunch.  Oh, and I mustn’t forget that letter I meant to write to President Obama and all of Congress about immigration.

The phone rings.


30 Responses to "All In A Day’s Writing"

I laughed out loud at this. It’s so typical!
You have 700 credits? Wow!
By the way, how do you roast plantains? In the oven, maybe?
We tend to fry them. Most unhealthy, but deeeelicious!
I’d take a day off to write, but I see I won’t get anything done. 😀

Have you had tostones? It’s how Dominicans make plantain.

No. You gotta tell me how that’s done.

I ate some in the Dominican Republic! Crunchy and yummy. We do it the same way too! There are so many ways to cook plantains!

Hi Joy,

Glad you can relate, although for your sake I wish you DIDN’T! 🙂 Those credits, hmm. Meanwhile my son is reviewing, desperately trying to collect credits and I can’t even give him 1.

Hey, you can roast plantain in the oven. Just put the plantain on foil and set it to broil and voila! You must pay attention to it though. A few days ago, I ate charcoaled plantains for lunch 😆

Poor young man. It sucks that you have all these points that he can’t use.
I’ll definitely have a go at roasted plantain.

I know! And it’s so frustrating for him because he has to go to an internet cafe each time. Costs him so much money. I keep offering to let him take over my account, but he’d rather chew grass than be called by a woman’s name 😆

Ha ha! Yeah, that’s how I get my writing done! 😆

Thanks for the mention! (I do allow comments?)


– Corra

The Victorian Heroine

Hi Corra! At least you’re writing something! Can you smell the envy? Oh, I think the comments were closed for that particular blog and so I couldn’t comment. 🙂


LOL! This was great. 700 credits! I thought I had a lot with 170! Anyway, I have been in such a rut lately with writing. I’m only getting out like 200 words a day. I usually do 1000. I think it’s because I’ve been doing so much marketing. I try to tell myself that blog entries count. If that’s the case, the count is more like 1000. I blog everyday as Priscilla and then I update my personal blog sometimes to. I read a bio by a local author the other day and she says that writers should stay off the internet. I guess that’s because of the procrastination factor. While I can see her point, I disagree. I mean the internet has such vast opportunities for an audience. I guess we just gotta find a balance!

Sybil, you I should award you most energetic and enthusiastic writer! Your zeal makes me dizzy and I’m in awe. I know that when your book comes out, it will be a best-seller because of your passion. By the way, when it comes out, I’d love to feature it on my blog. It’s true that staying on the net causes procrastination–you’ve read how my day is going. Not good. But we need the internet for publicity!

Take care,

BTW! Can you send me some of that roasted plantain? Sounds delicious!

Would love to! If you ever come to the D.C. area, let me know and I’ll treat you :). Seriously.


Ah, Bisi! Your day is playing out suspiciously like mine is! With the added chore of re-gluing Mario the video game character’s nose back on because Jax somehow bit it off! ahaha

All in a day’s work! Back to the blinking cursor— 😉

Jeni 😉

How funny! I remember not being overly fond of Mario, but anything for jax :). My day is shot already, because what doesn’t get done before 4 p.m. doesn’t get done :).


BTW, I’m in the same boat with credits–well over 800! and they keep growing.

Just stop it, you lot!
I’m here green with envy. Me and my 15 points. 😀

Mine is: “I won’t go back and edit. I won’t! I won’t! I will progress with a new chapter done! I think I know where it’s going, so it’ll be a piece of cake. So to get into the flow I open the last completed chapter and read the last few pages and Oh! That’s awful! Look at that sentence….

😆 That’s so funny! I have the same affliction. So tomorrow, another day off, it will be “Stricktly writing, no browsing and no editing!

That is so funny and not so unlike my writing day. For instance, I should be writing right now… but no, I must keep up with my blogging schedule.


Oops. Reply below. 🙂

Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by. I had no idea so many people were afflicted :). We must do better tomorrow. Promise. Meanwhile, it’s tme to cook the shrimps and stop at the tennis courts to gloat 🙂

All in a day’s sloth, funny girl.
Youe three-toed friend,

Brilliant post, Bisi. I laughed the whole way through and of course can completely relate! I thought I had a lot of points at 400 and I adore plaintains. I should be writing right now but I had to check in on you and you had to write something charming enough for me to want to read : ). xx Cat

Aww, Cat, how lovely of you to read and comment. I wish I could be more disciplined. Grrr 🙂

I love this post, I FEEL you! Time just runs and runs and runs, and honestly I’m not that fast to catch up with it 😉 I feel even more sinful, as I haven’t even checked into the tBNW site in over a month, so in addition to not writing I’ve been inattentive…where has my silly brain been at?!
…but I have been enjoying the tennis 😉

PS: miss you! And sending you a hug! 🙂

Miss you too, girl! And I’ve only just started writing again. I need to stay AWAY from TNBW! hahahahaha! Come on, bring your brain back. I’ve also been enjoying the tennis. Lost ten more pounds! Today, we played in the rain, 😆

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