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A writer and teacher from Virginia and Ghana, I love to travel and taste all the delicacies of our wonderful world!  Before this, I used to be an International Affairs Specialist with the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service where I won the 2004 Civil Rights Award for human relations, but I confess that the love for my children keeps winning over ambition, except when it comes to my writing :).  At any rate, when my kids decided they wanted to get to know Ghana and the culture, I quit my job, sold my house and moved. No regrets. I had a wonderful time teaching students at SOS Herman Gmeiner Collge, an international school for orphans from various countries.  With my son now a graduate and the second at Tufts University in Boston, I’ve moved back to America.

Now I teach literature and French in Virginia. My articles have appeared in the Washington Times, Chicken Bones, the Gun Owner and the Daily Graphic of Ghana. I’ve served on the advisory council for Washington D.C. Public schools, and have been a radio guest and speaker in other school systems. When not working or buried in a book, I can be seen whacking away on the tennis courts or dancing wherever there’s music.


6 Responses to "About"

Hi Bisi,

I mentioned you and your blog in a blog post today.

I didn’t realize you were a literature teacher. 🙂

– Corra

the victorian heroine

I know! It’s been a while though. :).


Hey Bisia,

I’ve been meaning to contact you forever! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’m always thrilled to meet another Bill client. I wish you the best of luck with your memoir submission. It sounds fascinating!!!


Hi Jessica,

I’m so glad to hear from you. I plan to read your book and feature it on my blog. Thanks for the kind wishes 🙂

My best,

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