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You’ve got to love his name, President Goodluck Jonathan. These days, with world-wide economic problems, he’ll certainly need some good luck, along with expertise, to energize Nigeria’s economy. If indeed the elections are fair, it will be refreshing in an era where the presidency is achieved through grab-by-force. More here…


The other day, I saw this woman interviewed on TV because of her addiction to plastic surgery. She said things like, “I got my nose corrected”. By this, she meant her nose had been whittled to a pencil shape. She had added fat to her lips, raised her brows, padded her chin, her buttocks, her breasts, liposuctioned her stomach, etc, etc, etc! Really!

First of all, if you’re a woman who has plenty of money for plastic surgery, I beg you, send me the money. When you’ve done that, I’ll use a portion to send you to Ghana. Or Sudan. Or Nigeria. Or anywhere in the world when men will love your big buttocks, arms, legs, everything.

While we’re on the subject, I really resent those people who reach out to my front teeth, the gap between, that is. Hello? I’ll have you know that in West Africa, a gap in the front teeth is a sign of fertility and mark of beauty. That’s right. Go to Senegal and you’ll find professional tooth-carvers who will whittle away your two prime incisors to create a gap for you, for a small fee. People have always had an itch to touch my teeth, from African men who gasp and say “Your teeth are so beautiful” to the Latino lady at Whole Foods who shakes her head and say “It’s bad luck in my country; you’ll be poor”, and the lovely friend who shakes her head and says “You’d be so beautiful if it weren’t for the gap in your teeth.”

I hereby declare: my teeth are beautiful the way God made them. Hey, they’re so beautiful Madonna got one just to be like me! And They do their job well; I eat just fine.  So, for heaven’s sake, keep your fingers off my teeth!

A few days after the graduation, I got to hang out with the “Shuwaa” boys. Don’t ask me what that word means, I couldn’t tell you. But that’s what Tolu and his three close friends in Ghana call themselves. Unfortunately, the fourth one is in the U.K., missing out on all the fun (Hi, Enoch) 🙂

Bright and Tolu, while waiting for our orders at a restaurant in Sarbah Hall

Dennis, Bright and Tolu, saying hello to Enoch

There's nothing like Fufu and light soup with goat and fish!

Digging into his rice and chicken stew

Finger-sucking good, no metal to interfere with the yummy taste 🙂


With the witty one, Akua Baning

The three graduates, Bright, Tolu and Dennis. So proud of them. giddy giddy SHUWAAAA!!

As a Ghanaian-American writer, I have had similar experiences as Chimamanda who expresses herself brilliantly. Here she is, in her own voice:

If you have any trouble, kindly copy the address and paste directly on your browser. The video is called Chimamanda and the single story.