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A few days after the graduation, I got to hang out with the “Shuwaa” boys. Don’t ask me what that word means, I couldn’t tell you. But that’s what Tolu and his three close friends in Ghana call themselves. Unfortunately, the fourth one is in the U.K., missing out on all the fun (Hi, Enoch) 🙂

Bright and Tolu, while waiting for our orders at a restaurant in Sarbah Hall

Dennis, Bright and Tolu, saying hello to Enoch

There's nothing like Fufu and light soup with goat and fish!

Digging into his rice and chicken stew

Finger-sucking good, no metal to interfere with the yummy taste 🙂


With the witty one, Akua Baning

The three graduates, Bright, Tolu and Dennis. So proud of them. giddy giddy SHUWAAAA!!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been riveted to the TV, watching the Wimbledon championships, enjoying my favorites: the Williams sisters. When they first burst on the scene, I was surprised to hear that tennis was considered a “white” sport. The most popular sport in Ghana and most countries is soccer or football. But the second most popular one is tennis. After work, most people head for the tennis courts and play until dark. Most of the courts used to be grass, but now there are lots of clay courts and some hard courts. On Saturdays and Sundays, people play in the mornings, followed by a long, leisurely brunch. Players drink beer as well and sit chatting in loud voices until about four when they start drifting home. In fact, about once a month or so, there’s a party after the games where guests eat, drink and dance until late at night. In most clubs, the men seldom bring their wives, because, ahem, that’s when girl-friends show up. Go figure!!