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I don’t trust politics and I stay away from it, but this issue has got to me. Just in case you know nothing about it, Uganda has basically decided that anyone found to be homosexual deserves  to die, so long as there are witnesses to the deed.

The dilemma for most people is that fighting for the equitable and humane treatment of fellow humans makes them feel as though they’re supporting a lifestyle they object to. But let’s stop and think about this, shall we?

First of all, you can’t legislate morality. In many countries, abortion is illegal, yet people practice it. Sodomy is “forbidden” in Virginia, but I daresay people do it. What is the police to do, install cameras in every bedroom in the hopes of catching culprits? And who is going to monitor the policemen’s bedroom? And members of congress/parliament? And the president?

The Ugandan law is dangerous on many levels. People will be killed for no good reason. If a person can be killed for being gay because it’s wrong, why don’t we kill all thieves, anyone who cheats on income tax, liars, red-light runners, speeders–anyone who commits any infraction?  Which one among us is a perfect human being?

The proposed gay law is the beginning of vindictiveness, irrationality and genocide. Anyone can bring forth false-witnesses and accuse someone of being gay and have the person, at least, jailed for years.  What better way to get rid of your enemy?

It will alter human interaction in the country. In many African countries, women hold hands with women, men walk with arms about one other. That innocence will be lost.

Most of all, the message is that homosexuals are less human and should simply be eradicated. Oh my! In the face of all this, should we be silent? Salem witch-hunts, ring a bell, anyone?  Hello?